About Us



When you purchase satellite television you are buying both a product and a service. The product is the standard equipment available from Dish Network provider and includes a dish antenna, receivers, and television programming. The service is the installation, set-up, and on-going support, and our service is what makes Orion Satellite unique.


Service from Orion Satellite means consistent local support, attention to detail, reliability, dependability, responsibility, and accountability.


At Orion Satellite, we take the time to help you understand your new system; we don’t just leave you scratching your head with a confusing instruction booklet on your lap. If you have any problems with your service, you won’t be dialing a distant 1-800 number. You will have our cell phone numbers so that we can give you the personal, expert support you deserve.

Our plan is simple. Orion Satellite is a small company determined to deliver prompt, local, friendly service. We love what we do, and it shows by how hard we work to ensure that you receive the highest quality Dish Network experience available.

Why Choose Orion Satellite?

Orion Satellite is a local business.

Why is that important?

Consider all the ads you see in the mail, newspaper, or all the phone solicitations you hear over and over again. They are all 800 numbers — people from out of state, collecting the revenues, but not providing any meaningful service or commitment to you. In the yellow pages; notice all the providers with 800 numbers, they aren’t local, but did you realize that, and more importantly, should you care? Absolutely.

A local business such as ours is responsive to your needs when they occur and is responsible for the systems we install. All suppliers of satellite systems provide the same specials, promotions, etc, but not all suppliers hang with you after the installation is complete. We can always be reached. We are accountable, helpful, and consistently available for any future concern. Our work ethic is second to none, and we deeply care about the services we provide, which are fully guaranteed.

What’s Unique About Our Service?

We provide installation and service 7 days a week. When the installation is complete, we will activate the receivers, ensure they are working properly, then explain how the system works and give the customer hands-on instruction until they are comfortable with using the remote control and how the new satellite system integrates with their other components. This approach helps the user digest the new information thus allowing them to enjoy the features of their system to the fullest.

All our customers are given a phone number for assistance before we leave. We encourage them to call us if they have any problems or for any other reasons such as; reprogramming remotes, hooking up new components, readjusting the dish if necessary, or any further customer education.

If in the future, a receiver needs to be moved to another room or a dish needs to be relocated, the charges will be minimal. We choose not to overcharge people for small requests. It is yet another advantage of doing business with us.

What You Should Consider Before Installation...

Satellite systems are extremely reliable if they are installed correctly. Our first priority before installing a system is to consult with the customer. Important factors to consider include:

  • Location of satellite dish.

  • Where cable is to be run.

  • Number of TVs to be hooked up.

  • Choosing the right channel package.

  • Determining if which digital TV service is right for you–Dish Network or cable.
    Will VCRs, DVD players or sound systems be connected to the satellite system?

  • Selecting the proper satellite receiver.

  • Is High Definition a current or future consideration?


Call us today and we can help you answer all of these question and more.
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