Q. Why should I buy from Orion Satellite?

A. We offer the exact same satellite television systems you’d get from Dish Network, but we’re a local company. When you purchase satellite television you are buying both a product and a service. The product is the standard equipment available from any Dish Network provider and includes a dish antenna, receivers, and television programming. The service is the installation, set-up, and on-going support, and our service is what makes Orion Satellite unique. Service from Orion Satellite means consistent local support, attention to detail, reliability, dependability, responsibility, and accountability.

Q. Is buying from Orion Satellite more expensive than calling Dish Network directly?

A. No. We offer the same great prices and sales.

Q. How reliable is satellite television?
A. The reliability and quality of satellite television is dependent on the quality and care put into the installation and set-up process. Orion Satellite guarantees a quality viewing experience!

Q. Why is there an 24 month minimum commitment?
A. When you sign up with Dish Network through Orion Satellite we are investing in you by installing the equipment at your home. An 24 month commitment offsets this cost, and allows us to keep the up front price low.

Q. Does a satellite technician need to be licensed to legally install a satellite system?
A. Yes, with no exceptions. Our CCB license number is 177513, and we carry $500,000 liability insurance from State Farm Insurance. We have never had any claims, nor do we expect to, but you can rest assured that we help you continue to protect the investment you have in your home.

Q. What happens to my Dish Network service if I change residence?
A. When you move, leave your satellite dish at your old residence, but take your receivers and remote controllers with you. Orion Satellite will come to your new residence, and mount a new satellite antenna, run cable to your systems and get you up and running again. Each customer is entitled to one (1) free relocation each calendar year.

Q. Is it important to decide how many TVs I want to have connected and what type of receiver I want?
A. Yes! This is extremely important. Only installation services done during the initial installation period are free. If you decide weeks or months into your service to change receivers (including upgrades to HD service) or TV locations, there will be additional service charges involved. If you have any questions, Orion Satellite is happy to help you decide what set-up will serve you best.

Pre-Installation Considerations

Q. I’m renting, should I check with my landlord before installation?
A. Absolutely. Since there may be physical modifications to your building, it is wise to double check that this is okay with your landlord.

Q. I go camping often. Can I get Dish Network service in my RV?
A. Absolutely! As long as you have access to electricity (generator), you don’t have to miss your favorite satellite programming to enjoy the great outdoors.

Installation Support

Q. What is a site survey? Should I schedule one?
A. A site survey is a no-cost, no-commitment pre-installation visit to your home. Orion Satellite will answer any questions that you might have. We encourage you to schedule a site survey before you purchase Orion Satellite service so that there will be no surprises on installation day and so that we can begin developing a personal relationship with you.

Q. Are there additional charges for connecting my existing home theater components?
A. Unlike most companies, not only will Orion Satellite technicians gladly hook up any VCRs, DVD players, sound systems, etc. that you have in your home, we’ll provide this service free of charge!

Equipment Installation

Q. Will bad weather interrupt my satellite reception?
A. Current satellite technology is able to function during bad weather, but only if it is installed properly. When you get Dish Network through Orion Satellite you are also buying our quality guaranteed service.

Q. Do I need a landline phone to get Dish Network service?
A. No! Satellite receivers do not need to be connected to phone lines in order to operate effectively.

Q. Does my dish need to be pointed in a specific direction?
A. Yes. Dish antennas will be expertly installed to point directly to satellites in stationary orbit. In western Oregon this means that they will have to be pointed in an almost due south direction.

Service Benefits and Add-Ons

Q. Can I restrict the programming my children can watch?
A. Parental controls are simple to set-up. You can lock out channels or groups of channels according to ratings. We will be glad to help you set these up.

Q. What is a DVR? Do I need to get one?

A. DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder. With a DVR you can record up to two shows simultaneously, pause live TV, and project “picture-in-picture” regardless of how old your television is.